Differentiation of instruction in the classroom is usually inferred to mean, "adapt content so that it is more understandable by students that are academically challenged." This site, however, is designed to differentiate instruction for the "academically gifted student." 

Testing in the schools has been set to the lowest common denominator and , unfortunately, the instructional bar has been lowered accordingly. With all the resources available on the Internet for the motivated student, it seems only appropriate that a content teacher's expertise should be captured on a website where instruction can be ramped up, rather than down.

 Beginning with Content...

  1. Because your content is your passion, or you wouldn't be in the profession, what do you want your best students to glean from your instruction?
  2. Planning is the key element to getting your points across. Seeing your thoughts translated into instruction is one of the best rewards that teaching has to offer. Here's a paper to stimulate your thinking on Differentiating Content: Meeting the Needs of Gifted Student.
  3. Reading the textbook and other scientific documents can be challenging for even the best students. Read this article on Improving Reading Skills in the Science Classroom to pick up ideas to use in your planning and instruction.
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